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The Association of European Wedding Professionals (AEWP) is the first organisation dedicated to upholding professionalism and integrity within the European wedding industry. AEWP is committed to setting standards for both bridal consumers and industry professionals alike.

This professionalism is achieved in two ways; Firstly, our members adhere to a strict code of conduct ensuring paramount standards and quality assurance to bridal couples. All members of AEWP have been through an approval process and certified members have provided references which have been verified and are subject to an ongoing client review process. 

Secondly, we serve as a portal for consumers to report personal feedback and experiences with AEWP companies through a quality rating system.

Our Mission Statement:

AEWP is committed to setting an ethical code of practice benefiting both wedding professionals and bridal consumers throughout Europe. By uniting wedding organisations and setting standards for industry professionals throughout Europe, AEWP seeks to develop a unified and collaborative effort to regulate industry practice whilst offering recognition of industry professionals.

Couples can use our directory to find AEWP accredited companies throughout Europe. Click here to visit our directory.


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